Monday, March 18, 2013

Kino's Coming!

I am SO excited for this weekend!!

Kino MacGregor will be here,
teaching for the first time in the City of Angels!!
 (If you're interested, she'll be at Omkar 108 in Culver City.)


As I mentioned in an earlier post,
I studied with Kino for the first time in London last September at TriYoga.

 (Here's a glimpse of the shala from my mat.)

Even though I was as green as could be with regard to Ashtanga, I immediately felt a deep connection to Kino.  I found her to be extremely intelligent, warm, articulate, inclusive, funny, approachable, and easy-going.  Spending that time with her in London was a gift that I hold and cherish within the most protected parts of my heart.

I arrived home from that trip with new resolve to find an Ashtanga teacher here.  And I did.  I study with a wonderful woman in Los Angeles whom I also like and admire greatly.  Her name is Jodi Blumstein.  Like Kino, Jodi has a warm smile and a great sense of humor.  Her suggestions are thoughtful and well-timed and her adjustments are just the right mix of gentle and firm.

I consider both of these women to be my Ashtanga teachers and I feel lucky to have two.  They believe I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.  Each one inspires me in countless ways on a daily basis.  Because my life has been touched by theirs, I strive to be a better Ashtangi.  I stretch to be a better person.  

One of the best things about this upcoming weekend with Kino is the fact that the line-up of classes is exactly the same as what I experienced in London last year.  My practice has changed and grown in so many ways since then.  I'm positive I'm in a much different place physically.  (Heck, in September of last year I was too fearful to even drop back into a backbend let alone stand up from one!)   But even more important than the physical, I'm really excited to discover the internal changes that have most certainly taken place.  Yoga is, ultimately, a journey within and I can't wait to further explore whatever might be waiting there.

I hope to share my thoughts about all of this next week following Kino's workshop.  Stay tuned!


  1. Remember it well, can even spot my mat in that photo :-)

    1. I love the quiet of the studio before the hustle and bustle begins. I have such fond memories of that weekend. :)

  2. Hey Savannah, thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yoga workshops, I hope you have an amazing time with Kino!

    1. My pleasure! I'm a fan of workshops, too. For me, it's the equivalent of treating myself to an expensive piece of jewelry... so luxurious to have all that time with one teacher!