Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week in Practice

After my weekend with Kino, practice the rest of the week has been fairly uneventful.  I suppose it's hard to have a high like that and then expect anything else.

Progress on my office/yoga room is well underway...

You can see that we removed the giant mirror next to the window (which we somehow managed to do without breaking it!).  The strategy is to paint two walls at a time, push stuff back, and then paint the other two.  Because this space has been in such a state of disarray, I haven't been able to get in a great deal of home practice.  I did manage a little bit of time yesterday, though.

Other than that, my stomach has been really dodgy this week.  The cause is a typhoid vaccination we're taking for an upcoming trip to Peru.  Steve appears to be weathering it just fine but I had a feeling I would have trouble given my IBS and how generally sensitive my stomach is.  I was right.  I'm only on pill #2 out of 4 and after the night I had last night, I'm not going to continue.  I'd rather take my chances with typhoid.  Apparently, the vaccine doesn't provide 100% protection anyway.  Maybe I'll ask my doctor about the shot.   I might fair better with something that goes into my bloodstream versus my stomach.  Have any of you out there ever had any experience with this?

Even though I feel fairly crummy this morning, I'm not going to allow this to ruin my weekend.  Steve has the day off today so I'm hoping after a bit more painting, we can get to a yoga class later.  I don't often get the opportunity to practice next to my husband, but I love it when we can.  It makes the time spent on the mat that much more special.


  1. Great that Steve does practice too.

    I would always go for the injection, more reliable and no IBS freak out.

    1. Thanks for that confirmation, Kevin. I know you get it. :)

  2. A reader emailed me this thoughtful comment and she gave me her permission to post it here. I thought it might help someone else, too. It seems the general consensus is that IBS and oral typhoid vaccines are a big No-No. Hearing about other people's experiences has really helped me feel like I'm not crazy. Thank you for reaching out!
    Hi there, i have ibs and took typhoid pills before a trip to india awhile ago. I still remember it as i was so ill. I hadn't told the doctor that i had ibs which she later really told me off about and said that she wouldn't give the pills to someone with ibs. She thought the reaction meant i would have some immunity towards typhoid and advised me not to continue to take them, i can't remember if i took one or two. I would check with your doctor but if you are having as bad a reaction as i was then don't contine! Hope that helps!