Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Must I Work Instead of Blogging about Yoga?

This is my first time using BlogGo from my iPad to make a post,
so we'll see how this works.

I missed my usual "This Week in Practice" post last week because several work commitments needed my attention.  Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of yoga?  Drat!

I attended a new-to-me class in Pasadena today because I was over there to get my Typhoid shot.  The class was good, but the teacher was one of those super-slow-mo varieties.  I get so cranky in those classes.  Holding poses forever bugs me.  How many different directions do you need to use to describe Warrior II to an advanced class?  Twenty?  Geesh.  I like to just get on with things and flow along.

The lesson here is not lost on me though.  I know it's important to take note of resistance when it comes up.  It's usually there for a very good reason.  Any hostility I might feel is most likely an indicator that sitting in a pose is PRECISELY where I need to be.  Certainly that requires strength.  For me though I think the real work is to develop strength and calmness of the mind.

After class, I finally got my Typhoid vaccination taken care of.  Goodness, but it was difficult to find the shot as opposed to those wretched pills.  I want to extend a GIANT thank you to everyone who reached out to tell me about your experience with IBS and the pill form of the vaccine.  I'm good to go now for two years with the shot and I don't seem to be experiencing any side effects beyond a mildly sore arm.  Yay!

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