Friday, May 31, 2013

Cuzco, Our Final Day...

Here is the town of Cuzco, nestled into the valley below....

We spent our final two nights here.
At an elevation of approximately 12,000 feet,
it made sense that this was our final stop.

We toured the church you see across the plaza in the photo above.  No sooner had we stepped foot back outside than these two industrious ladies rushed in and shoved a baby alpaca into my arms.  Not that I minded, though.

Cuzco is a beautiful city and one of the most popular in all of Peru.

It's even prettier at dusk, I think.

Here's a the view from the courtyard of our hotel.
This was a really nice place and my favorite accommodation of the entire trip.

This is the walkway to our room.
Behind that couch is the yoga shala where we practiced.

And finally, Cuzco as seen from our window.

One thing you might not know is that Cuzco even has a Starbucks!  Steve and I were so happy to find something familiar that we rushed right over.  (Peruvian coffee is NOT the same as what we have in the states.)  I have to laugh at this picture though because once I got there, I still had no idea what to order that wouldn't further upset my stomach.

In the end, I decided it didn't much matter
and settled for my usual - a tall soy latte.

All in all, the trip was fantastic.  There were the challenges that come from being with a large group - like not being able to follow your whims and not being able to spend however much time you wanted in a given place.  Still, I couldn't have put together these excursions on my own.  Our guides were exceptional and the people we met and got to know were truly kindred spirits.  Our group already has a reunion party planned in a couple of weeks!  It was lovely to have a passion for yoga serve as the common denominator among every one of us and it was such a treat not to have to worry about how and when to fit in my practice whilst traveling.  Would I do it again?  You bet!  International Yoga is the best.

And on a side note, if you've been following along and reading my posts about Peru, you might be interested to know that I redid this post.  For some reason, my iPad blogging app mixed up and omitted several photos from that post.  It's all better now if you're interested.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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