Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yoga Adventures

Here's an arial look at the fire burning in Calabasas (in LA) on Friday...

Steve and I are headed to a yoga retreat in Machu Picchu!!

Those of you who are alert enough to notice the direction of the plane with regard to the California coastline will quickly realize that we are, in fact, headed north.  That's because we had to fly to San Francisco for a three-hour detour prior to changing airlines and terminals before finally getting on our way south to Lima.  After the nine hours to Lima, we had another short flight to Cusco and then an hour and a half long bus ride to the retreat center in Urubamba.

It was after 3 pm when we finally arrived, exhausted and quite bedraggled.  The altitude here is nearly 10,000 feet and while I haven't had any issues breathing, a killer migraine plagued me for a good 24 hours.  A solid night's sleep, some wonderful vegetable-laden food, a shower, and (surprisingly) STOPPING my altitude sickness medication have all helped a great deal.  Headache is gone and besides my back injury that I arrived with, I'm feeling great.

This is a glacier we stopped to see on our way from Cusco.

Last night we had a fire ceremony with a local shaman.  We all made wishes and blessed our coca leaves and then the shaman cleaned our auras and wrapped our leaves together in a sacred bundle.  After that, we headed outside and formed a ring around a bonfire while the guys in the group tossed the bundle in and offered it up to Mother Earth.  It was beautiful.

The trip is hosted by International Yoga and so far, we're enjoying ourselves.  Our particular excursion is with instructor Joan Hyman.  We had our first practice with the group this morning and I felt great - not even winded in the least.

Here's a shot of our room in the retreat center (Hatun Wasi).  It's VERY rustic, but I suppose it's good training for India one day.  No toilet paper in the toilets, don't drink the water or brush your teeth in it, intermittent warm water that barely trickles out, etc.

It's all an experience.  I've never been to South America before and this particular place - The Sacred Valley - is known for the incredibly wonderful and dense energy.  I feel blessed to be here.

I hope to blog throughout the trip, but we'll see how that goes.  I don't want to be a slave to my devices so much so that I miss what's right in front of me.  That wouldn't be very yogic, would it?


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  1. Glad to see you got there. Hopefully altitude will be good for bad backs. Good training for India, one day.