Monday, May 6, 2013

Yoga, Hiking, Shopping, and Yoga

We started the day yesterday with a really sweaty 1 hour & 15 minute flow class.  After that, we had a quick breakfast and boarded the bus for the little town of Pisac, about an hour away.  The bus climbed ever higher until we arrived at this stunning view of the Andes...

Hiking in the Andes?!?!  Can you believe it???
That's a dream come true!!

From here we began a 2 1/2 mile hike down to the valley below.  My quads were put through the ringer because as you can see, this is a lot of "down" - meaning lots of squatting on very rugged terrain.  The entire hike took us as long in time as it was in miles, but the effort was worth it!  

Her are some Incan ruins...

We saw many along the way.
These holes in the rock face were their tombs...

The Incan people buried their loved ones in the fetal position.  They placed a few items of value in the tomb behind the body and then sealed it shut.  Later, when invaders came, they looted all of the burial chambers.  However, because the bodies were in the way of the booty, all of the remains got thrown out and tossed down the cliff.  Very sad.

The Incans were an amazing people with such ingenuity and respect for the land and all of nature.  We had a geat tour guide and I learned so much.  It was an incredible experience, but now I'll just allow the photos to speak for themselves...

Phew!  And all of this before lunch!  We ate together at a local Pisac restaurant and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the wonderful market.  Time was running out and I was completely overwhelmed by the colors and chaos and beautiful hand-made offerings - so much so that I completely forgot to snap a single photo.  Here's a shot of the outside of the market from Steve's phone though...

Some adorable kids dressed in traditional Peruvian garb,
complete with baby goats. 

They were milking the cuteness factor big-time and knew full-well we tourists would bite!  LOL. When Steve went to hand them a coin, they playfully fought over who got to keep it.  (Big sis won.)

And here's a sampling of the treasures I took home...

Evening yoga was a stretch-based class, which was what we all needed - except for the poor girl right next to me who got stung by a scorpion in the middle of her downward dog!  Luckily, we have two doctors in our group and both pronounced her to be okay, thank goodness.  Then it was dinner and off to bed.  What a full day!

But wait!
No Peruvian post would be complete
without a shot of one of their favorite snacks...

The guinea pig.

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