Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Visit to Ann Arbor & the Phoenix Center

Well, I made it through my first two weekends of teacher training, but barely.

Unfortunately, in payment for my efforts I've come down with a nasty bronchial/head cold and have been in bed for most of the week.  I'm not good at having my plans derailed, but I suppose that's a very yogic lesson in and of itself - surrender to the present moment.  So be it.

I wanted to compose a thoughtful recap about my experience with the YogaWorks Teacher Training program thus far, but I'm afraid that's going to have to wait until my head clears a bit.

In the meantime, Steve and I had the chance to travel to Michigan in the beginning of June.  I was able to spend one morning practicing with Angela Jamison in Ann Arbor at the Phoenix Center.  You might be familiar with her blog?  The Phoenix Center consists of two rooms on the top floor of a lovely old building in downtown Ann Arbor.  Here is the room we practiced in...

(photo from the Phoenix Center website)
I'm a sucker for exposed brick walls, in case you didn't know.

The purpose of our trip to Michigan was to visit family and also to find closure with the unexpected death of a relative.  As you might imagine, there was anxiety and a lot of long-standing emotional patterns at play.  However, when I unrolled my mat and stood at the top, raising my arms overhead in my first Sun Salutation, everything just melted away.  I felt grounded and whole in a way that I hadn't been able to hone in on during my stay prior to that.  This is why I love the practice of Ashtanga so much.  It carries with it such a profound force, if only you're willing to be open to it.  I think it must feel sort of like the force in Star Wars, wouldn't you agree?  At any rate, taking the time to commit to my Mysore practice while out of town was the best thing I did that week.  I am so thankful for the gift of Ashtanga and the role it continues to play in my life.

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