Monday, July 15, 2013

Anatomy Weekend

We just finished what YogaWorks fondly refers to as "Anatomy Weekend".  That basically means we spent the entire weekend in a series of lectures about muscles, bones, organs, the nervous system, and how they all interact.  I think I dreamed about it all night long, too!  It was like the lecture never stopped.  Phew!  We learned a ton, but I'm glad that's behind me.

Practice last week was a little tough.  I've just been feeling sort of achy and not myself.  Granted, I'm still not completely over this summer cold, although I'd say it's about 90% gone.  I've also put on a couple of pounds and I'm sure that's not helping, either.  It amazes me how just two or three pounds can take away my ability to bind in Marichyasana C and half of B.  (Let's not even discuss D.)  Blech!

So I know what I have to do: recharge and refocus.  One way I plan to get there is by doing a 5-day cleanse with my hubby.  The cleanse is one I adapted from Kino's new book, "The Power of Ashtanga Yoga".  In her book, Kino outlines an 8-day cleanse.  However, since I've never done even a 1-day version, I figured 5 days was ambitious enough.  Here's my plan:
  • Day 1 - fruits, vegetables, grains
  • Day 2 - fruits, vegetables
  • Day 3 - fruits
  • Day 4 - (fast) fruit juice only
  • Day 5 - fruits, vegetables
Herbal tea and fruit juice are allowed on every day.  And obviously, plenty of water is also advised to help flush the system of toxins.

Another motivator for doing this cleanse is because I suffered through a fair deal of stress last week.  (Can you say emotional eating?)  My routine mammogram showed an abnormality that required further testing.  That was scary enough but when I got to the ultrasound exam, the screen clearly showed a black mass in the otherwise whitish-grey tissue.  When the tech started measuring it, I got really terrified.  It turns out it was just a cyst (thank God!), but for a solid half-hour there while I waited for the radiologist, I was convinced I had breast cancer.  I feel such immense gratitude that I wanted to do something really special to celebrate.  This cleanse seems like the perfect way to do that, don't you agree?

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