Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day at the Beach

I took a break from practice on Sunday
in order to give Bentley a day at the beach...

It was well worth the time spent off the mat.

Steve and I decided to go earlier in the day,
which meant we had the entire beach to ourselves save for a few fishermen.

As you can see, the coastal fog hadn't yet burned off
but we didn't mind one iota.

The closest beach that allows dogs off-leash is near Santa Barbara, so it's quite a trek from our house.  Hour-and-a-half-drive notwithstanding, it brings me such joy to give Bentley a day like this.  He's getting older now - 11 1/2 - and he's slowing down some, but I could tell his exuberance was all puppy.

 These are the moments that make life matter, don't you think?


  1. Ah Bentley looks like he's having fun. I hope my pal Theo gets a day out sometime :-)

    1. LOL - I'm working on a special day for Theodore but for now, he'll have to make due with his nightly brushings. He's vehicularly-challenged, meaning he doesn't like cars. We do have a pet stroller he likes to go for walks in though!

  2. So nice. I LOVE the fog at the beach...it's so calming. So good that you got to go!