Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breast Healthy Deodorant

So after my breast cancer scare (which I touched on here), I resolved to find myself an all-natural deodorant.  This was something I'd been meaning to do for a while.  I mean, what good is it to roll on all of those chemicals day after day so close to the lymph nodes?  And even though they work well, antiperspirants do nothing but block the body's ability to release toxins through sweat.  Still, it wasn't until my health was at risk that I was really motivated to act.

So in search of another option, I stopped at Whole Foods and bought a few different candidates to try.  I wasn't expecting a miracle... my standards were really low.  I wanted something natural and without aluminum or parabens and that would work roughly half as well as my Secret solid.

The two I tried were terrible!  Not only did they not keep me smelling fresh, both were sticky and stayed that way all day long.  I couldn't bear it and I didn't want to waste any more money.  Reluctantly, I went back to Secret.

Then I happened to read a blog post by Megan of Damn Good Yoga.  She suggested the Crystal Stick (pictured above).  Both Megan and several of her commentors swear by it.  I wrote to ask Megan if it was at all sticky and she promised it was not, so back to Whole Foods I went to give it a try.

I'm telling you this stick thing is like some sort of miracle!  You moisten the stone (which sounds weird, but that's what they call it and that's what it feels like) and then apply it to your underarms.  It takes a little longer to dry than if it were just water but it does dry and it's not sticky in the slightest.  Great.  One test down.  Now how does it work?  I'll tell you... 

I used the Crystal Stick yesterday morning and then went to a REALLY sweaty Vinyasa Flow class at 4:30 that evening.  It was like I had just stepped out of the pool, I was so soaked.  Steve and I had an hour drive home and then a lot of chores and stuff to get done that evening.  Before I knew it, the time was past 10 pm and I tumbled into bed, too exhausted to shower.  (I know - TMI, perhaps, but I'm making a point and I don't do this often.)  Anyway, I got up this morning and had another million things to do.  I applied the stick again and then went racing off at 8:30 am to a second 1 1/2 hour sweaty flow practice.  Wanting to test this deodorant, I took a BIG whiff of my underarms when I got home and what do you think I smelled?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Not even a hint of bad odor.  That's something Secret couldn't even deliver!

I am now 100% beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt SOLD on the Crystal Stick.  I guess it works by neutralizing the bacteria that cause the body odors.  But whatever, I'm never going back.  Sorry Secret.  I love it when something is the best solution AND is good for you, at the same time!  Yay!  I'm so excited, I just had to share.  Let me know if you try it and give Megan a shout out, too, from me.

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  1. Ok, you've sold me. I'm totally going to try this!