Monday, October 7, 2013

Settling In

I'm slowly settling into my new schedule and that feels good.  My new job at YogaWorks is going well.  I've completed a couple of solo shifts now and am feeling more comfortable with the computer system.  It's a joy to be there.  My favorite part is answering questions for our members and prospective members about the practice of yoga.  It's nice to know that all my hours on the mat give me some kind of experience that I can share with others.

I just finished another weekend of Teacher Training, too.  Saturday the focus was chair backbends.  At YogaWorks we have these folding chairs with the backs taken off of them.  You can do a variety of things with the chairs, but they are great for a supported, restorative version of Urdhva Dhanurasana.  On Sunday we focused on restoratives, in general.  It was a really nurturing and relaxing weekend.

Restorative, gentle, and therapeutic forms of yoga are something I've struggled with.  I suppose my usually rajastic nature draws me to the "power" types of yoga - like Ashtanga and vinyasa flow.  It's hard for me to slow down and relax.  Even savasana can be a challenge for me at times.  However, after spending the entire weekend learning about the benefits of the parasympathetic nervous system, I'm willing to make a more concerted effort to include at least one restorative class in my repertoire per week.  The rewards are just too great to ignore.

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